Help keep your franchise locations in sync and make sure your branding is consistent.

Are you controlling the sound of your franchise or are you leaving that to your franchisees? Businesses spend so much money crafting the "look" of their business. Most people don't realize that how a business SOUNDS is just as important as how it LOOKS! Let your customers listen to the same great SiriusXM music they know and love with our franchise music.
  • Keep all of your franchises in sync
  • Create the perfect ambiance for your business
  • Licensed for business use
  • Internet or Satellite streaming options
  • Easy installation
  • Over 100 channels of commercial free music
24.95 per month

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Add SiriusXM Music to your franchise "Starter Kit"

Provide custom equipment and service packages to meet exact specifications of your retail concept. Our web team will create a co-branded website to manage product orders and franchise interaction which provides a one-stop-shop for your franchisees to order products, installations and support.
  • Offer discounts and specials to your franchisees that are not available anywhere else
  • Dynamic Media services every zip code in the United States so no need to worry if you have locations in multiple states
  • Earn monthly commissions on SiriusXM Music for Business

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