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SiriusXM restaurant music provides an affordable way to entertain your guests while they enjoy your great food. You work tirelessly to perfect your restaurant concept. Your menus, décor, signage, etc. are what make you restaurant stand out. It’s the music that pulls it all together. Our team of restaurant music experts will help you build a music program that enhances your brand and connects with your customers.

Use music tempo to your advantage. Research has shown that playing faster tempo music during lunch will increase table turns, while slowing the music down at night will slow down your customers, driving up bar sales and increasing your average ticket.
25.95 per month
  • Perfect for full service dining, fine dining, fast casual, quick service, waiting areas and more!
  • Easy installation
  • Commercial-free channels with no DJ interruptions
  • Internet or Satellite streaming options
  • Over 100 music for business channels spanning 20 genres
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  • No contracts
  • Your staff will love you for it
  • Licensed for business use
Let your customers listen to the same great SiriusXM music they know and love with our restaurant music.

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